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We have been working with GaussDevelopmentfor almost a year. With their flexibility, we were able to extend our team with their developers. There was no difference between developers, they worked closely together as a team. Gauss Development has a skilled, experienced and reliable team you can lean on.

Elia Palme , CTO/Co-Founder Niuws

Working with Gauss Development has been a very positive experience so far. They are our trusted and reliable partner for the past and future projects.

Roger Lüchinger , CEO Smartfactory GmbH

We have been working closely together with Gauss Development for the last 2.5 years. Their team has helped us develop new websites and features for currently six differentwebsites. Gauss Development had given us the possibility to tap directly into their pool of very skilled developers. We strongly recommend this company for adevelopment partner.

Niels Alsted , Webmaster Teledyne RESON

Gauss Developmenthelped us during the development of our website as an expert in this area. Because ofour new website, we have been recognized by Nike as their official webshop in Croatia. We improved our business and started to sell more with a new web shop. Thank you Gauss Development!

Mario Pleša , Project Manager Ferivi Co.

Without any kind of recommendation the whole team went above and beyond to make technical aspect of Sonus Art up-to-date and perfectly working.

Katarina Jurman , Marketing Manager Sonus Art

Andrew Collins , Project Manager EduKit UK
Roger Lüchinger , CEO Smartfactory GmbH

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The acoustics of the classroom are very often overlooked, but are an important part of the success of a child. Choosing only materials that cause sound to reverberate, such as tile floors and hard wall surfaces, greatly increases noise levels and can prove detrimental to learning. One study of hyperactive versus control groups of children found that white noise has no impact on either group, but that auditory stimulation such as distant conversations or music has a negative effect on both groups of students. Children with attention deficit disorder scored higher on tests when white noise was being pumped into the classroom than when music was played. The control group of children as well as the hyperactive group of children averaged the same test scores when there was no sound as when white noise was being played. Van Eli Alta Womens QjLGQA3rzN

By utilizing soft surfaces, especially on the floor, the sounds within and outside of the classroom will be diminished, taking away from the distractions facing students and improving not just the test scores of hyperactive children, but those without attention deficit disorder as well. Although carpet is an obvious choice for sound absorption, it may not be suitable for high traffic areas like hallways. In such cases, other sound absorbing materials, such as cork, can be used. The use of sound absorbing ceiling tiles may also be a wise choice for areas where carpet cannot be used for practical purposes.

Color theory refers to the psychological effects color has on the human body. Red is said to increase both aggression and appetite, a poor combination for a school’s interior. Yellow increases adrenaline levels and is also undesirable for a school setting. Blue, green, and brown create a relaxing and calming environment, which is a positive for the classroom. [8] However, blue also is associated with cold and sadness and elongates the sense of time, which would make a blue classroom tortuous for students (Vodvarka, 1999). Warm colors are often favored by students, making them more alert and increasing brain activity, which helps in increasing test scores. Cool colors had the opposite effect. [9] By balancing warm and cool colors, bright and subdued, a pleasing effect can be achieved that will reduce absenteeism in schools and keep the students focused on what the teacher is saying. Test scores go up when children are not in a stark white environment, which can feel sterile and cold. [10] [11]

Redesigned classroom with moveable furniture at Under Armour Fat Tire T Mens i93WJ

Furniture is an important aspect because students spend most of their time seated in the classroom. The furniture should be able to move and easy to arrange to allow students to sit in places that are best suited for their learning styles. Mens Ariat Rebar Western VentTEK Composite Toe Work Boot Size 7 2E Chocolate Brown Leather JtOcxGm0uQ

A central theme of this module has been the importance of the encoding and retrieval processes, and their interaction. To recap: to improve learning and memory, we need to encode information in conjunction with excellent cues that will bring back the remembered events when we need them. But how do we do this? Keep in mind the two critical principles we have discussed: to maximize retrieval, we should construct meaningful cues that remind us of the original experience, and those cues should be distinctive and not associated with other memories . These two conditions are critical in maximizing cue effectiveness ( Nairne, 2002 ).

So, how can these principles be adapted for use in many situations? Let’s go back to how we started the module, with Simon Reinhard’s ability to memorize huge numbers of digits. Although it was not obvious, he applied these same general memory principles, but in a more deliberate way. In fact, all Earth Royale Womens hyLQoPIjQ
, or memory aids/tricks, rely on these fundamental principles. In a typical case, the person learns a set of cues and then applies these cues to learn and remember information. Consider the set of 20 items below that are easy to learn and remember ( Dockers Bradshaw Mens D4Df7NAb

It would probably take you less than 10 minutes to learn this list and practice recalling it several times (remember to use retrieval practice!). If you were to do so, you would have a set of peg words on which you could “hang” memories. In fact, this mnemonic device is called the peg word technique . If you then needed to remember some discrete items—say a grocery list, or points you wanted to make in a speech—this method would let you do so in a very precise yet flexible way. Suppose you had to remember bread, peanut butter, bananas, lettuce, and so on. The way to use the method is to form a vivid image of what you want to remember and imagine it interacting with your peg words (as many as you need). For example, for these items, you might imagine a large gun (the first peg word) shooting a loaf of bread, then a jar of peanut butter inside a shoe, then large bunches of bananas hanging from a tree, then a door slamming on a head of lettuce with leaves flying everywhere. The idea is to provide good, distinctive cues (the weirder the better!) for the information you need to remember while you are learning it. If you do this, then retrieving it later is relatively easy. You know your cues perfectly (one is gun, etc.), so you simply go through your cue word list and “look” in your mind’s eye at the image stored there (bread, in this case).

This peg word method may sound strange at first, but it works quite well, even with little training ( Roediger, 1980 ). One word of warning, though, is that the items to be remembered need to be presented relatively slowly at first, until you have practice associating each with its cue word. People get faster with time. Another interesting aspect of this technique is that it’s just as easy to recall the items in backwards order as forwards. This is because the peg words provide direct access to the memorized items, regardless of order.

In this example, you want only visitors who have accumulated a lead score of 50 or more to see the brochure download link. In the Edit rule field, click and in the Select Profile Key dialog box, expand and select . Click OK .

The Personalize the component dialog box now looks like this:

After you have created a personalization rule, you can specify the content that you want the page or component to display when the conditions in the rule are met. You can hide or show content, as well as adjust the behavior and presentation of a web control.

To hide or display content:

In this example, when a visitor comes to the page, they only see the link if they have a lead score of 50 or more. The condition state, which visitors see until their profile value is 50, hides the content.

The item must be compatible with the current rendering item. For example, you must use web forms renderings for web form items, and so on.

You also can personalize the way a component is displayed on your webpage.

To personalize the layout of a component:

The new rendering must be compatible with the component.

In the Personalize the component dialog box, you can view the Reach and Effect for each version of the component:

You can view the statistics for all personalized components on the current page in the Personalized experience dialog box .

If a rule is in an active test, only half of the visitors who meet the condition see the personalized component. The other half see the default version of the component.

For variants that have not been tested, the effect is shown as 0.

The effect for the Default variant is always 0 and therefore the Effect field is not displayed for the Default variant.

To preview personalized content, in the Experience Editor , click the component that you added personalization to. In the floating menu that appears, click the arrow to see the details about the current condition and to click another condition to view the other content that you have set up for the component.

In this example, if the visitor has a lead score of 50 or more, the component displays the brochures:

If the visitor has a lead score of less than 50, the brochures are hidden.


You must publish rules before you can use them on your website.

Send feedback about the documentation to .

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